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Charged in Castle Rock, CO? Experienced Castle Rock Criminal Defense Attorneys

Facing criminal charges can be a daunting experience. The legal landscape is complex and often overwhelming.

When you are charged with a crime, the expertise of an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer becomes invaluable. The local attorneys at Right Law Group can guide you through the legal process and protect your rights.

Hiring a Castle Rock defense lawyer brings a unique advantage. We are familiar with the local courts and procedures that can significantly impact your case. We also know the Judges and the prosecutors, and the unique approaches they take in Douglas County.

If you have driving under the influence or other criminal charges, a Castle Rock defense lawyer from Right Law Group can help you. We understand the nuances of Douglas County laws and can help you navigate the system.

castle rock criminal defense attorney

Experienced Castle Rock Criminal Defense Attorney in Your Corner

Knowledge equals power. Our Castle Rock criminal defense lawyers are former Prosecutors and District Attorneys which gives us insight into the way current Douglas County prosecutors operate. From sentencing possibilities to diversion programs, we’re intimately familiar with each option to secure the best outcome.

When facing criminal or DUIcharges in Douglas County, hiring a local Castle Rock DUI attorney will be advantageous. At Right Law Group, we know the local laws and court procedures in Douglas County better than anyone else.

Our local attorneys are familiar with the local courts and their personnel. They know the judges, prosecutors, and court staff. This will be beneficial to you in navigating the court system.

A local criminal defense attorney also understands the Castle Rock community. They are aware of local issues and sentiments that could impact your case.

Penalties and Jail Time for Felonies and Misdemeanors in Douglas County

Unlike minor traffic infractions, misdemeanors and felonies in Colorado are criminal offenses that carry more severe consequences. The key differences include:

Misdemeanors – Crimes punishable, in most cases, by up to 1 year in a county jail, fines, probation, or other penalties. There are 2 classes of misdemeanors in Colorado:

  • Class 1 – Up to 364 days in jail, Up to $1,000 fine
  • Class 2 – Up to 120 days in jail, Up to $750 fine

Felonies – More serious crimes punishable by over 1 year in state prison, heavier fines, or even the death penalty. Felonies are classified into 6 levels; below are the presumptive sentencing ranges:

  • Class 1 – Life in prison
  • Class 2 – 8-24 years in prison, Followed by up to 5 years parole, $5,000-$1 million fine
  • Class 3 – 4-12 in prison, Followed by 3 years parole years in prison, $3,000-$750,000 fine
  • Class 4 – 2-6 in prison, followed by 3 years parole, $2000-$500,000 fine
  • Class 5 – 1-3 years in prison, followed by 2 years of parole, $1,000-$100,000 fine
  • Class 6 – 1 year to 18 months followed by 1 year of parole, $1000-$100,000 Fine

Having an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney can help minimize penalties and protect your rights through the legal process. If you haven’t already, you should have a member of our team review your charges for free.


What to do if Authorities Charge you in Douglas County

If you find yourself facing criminal charges in Douglas County, start by remaining calm. Avoid making any rash decisions that could potentially harm your case.

Next, you should immediately seek legal counsel. A Castle Rock criminal defense attorney at Right Law Group can guide you through the process and help protect your rights.

Remember, your Miranda rights give you the right to remain silent. The Prosecutor can use anything you say against you in court. Therefore, it’s best to avoid discussing your case with anyone until you’ve consulted with your attorney.

Lastly, ensure you follow all legal instructions and court orders. Non-compliance can lead to additional charges or penalties. Do not plead guilty to any charges without the counsel of an experienced attorney.

Your Future Hangs in the Balance – We’ll Fight for You

Selecting the right Castle Rock criminal defense attorney is a crucial decision. One way to gauge an attorney’s competence is by reviewing local reviews and case results.

Reviews from previous clients can provide insights into the attorney’s professionalism, communication skills, and dedication. They can also shed light on the attorney’s ability to achieve favorable outcomes.

Remember, a strong track record and positive reviews can be indicative of a reliable Castle Rock criminal defense attorney. Our clients highly recommend Right Law Group. You can review our top-rated Castle Rock law firm reviews here.

At Right Law Group, we provide a free initial consultation with a member or our Castle Rock criminal defense team. This can be incredibly beneficial as you determine how you want to handle your charges. It provides an opportunity to discuss your case, understand your legal options, and evaluate the firm’s expertise.

Office Location in Castle Rock

Our office conveniently sits off I-25 in the Columbine Business Center. We are a short 10-minute drive to the Douglas County Courthouse.

From I-25 Northbound: take exit #182 and follow signs for Wolfensberger Rd. Turn Left onto Prairie Hawk Dr. and Right onto Topeka Way.

From I-25 Southbound: take exit #182 and follow signs for Wolfensberger Road. Turn left onto Wolfensberger Rd, Left onto Prairie Hawk Dr. and Right onto Topeka Way.

A centrally located office in Castle Rock ensures that you can reach your attorney quickly and conveniently. This is especially important for urgent consultations or unexpected legal developments.

Common Types of Criminal Charges We Help Defend Against

We are here to help defend clients against all types of criminal charges, including but not limited to:

Drug Crimes

New Colorado drug laws mean that many drug possession charges are no longer considered felonies and instead have been reduced to misdemeanors. Even if you have been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute, or possession of a quantity that resulted in a felony charge, all it takes is one phone call to get a free and honest assessment of your charges.

Theft, Burglary, and Robbery

Theft, burglary, and robbery are some of the most common types of crime in Colorado. These types of crime vary in many ways but fall under the umbrella of unlawfully taking someone else’s property. While each situation is different, we have the experience necessary to evaluate your case and determine the best defense strategy.


If you have been charged with DUI in Castle Rock, you only have 7 days to request an administrative hearing with the DMV before your license is automatically suspended. Whether this is your first DUI or you’ve had several, an experienced Castle Rock DUI Lawyer to handle your case.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can be serious business. Any assault charge is serious, but DV charges are always looked at more seriously when it involves a spouse, significant other, or person with whom you are intimately involved. Facing a domestic violence charge can result in jail time. It can also affect your ability to see your children during a divorce or separation.

Assault and Menacing

In Colorado, assault charges can be first, second, or third-degree depending on the various factors of the situation (such as the seriousness of an injury and whether or not a weapon was involved).

Menacing is considered to be the threat of assault and is most often a misdemeanor (unless the threat was made with a deadly weapon).

In essence, Right Law Group Castle Rock Criminal Defense Attorneys & DUI lawyers provide all-encompassing legal services. These local defense lawyers have the skills to handle every aspect of your criminal case.

Find out more about services offered by Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys:

Arson | Assault | Attempted Murder

Burglary | Check Fraud | Credit Card Fraud

Disorderly Contact | Domestic Violence | Drug Possession

DUI | Embezzlement | Felony

Firearm Possession | Gang Charges | Hit and Run

Homicide | Kidnapping | Menacing

Misdemeanor | Receiving Stolen Property | Reckless Driving

Resisting Arrest | Robbery | Serious Bodily Injury

Vandalism | Weapons Charges

Don’t Let One Wrong Decision Impact Your Life, Job or Freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and felony in Colorado?

The key difference is that misdemeanors are lesser crimes punishable by up to 1 year in jail, while felonies are more serious crimes punishable by over 1 year in prison. Misdemeanors are handled in county courts, while district courts oversee felony cases.

What happens if I'm charged with both a misdemeanor and felony?

In Colorado you can face multiple charges arising from the same incident – for example, misdemeanor assault and felony aggravated robbery. The cases may be tried separately or consolidated, but a felony conviction will carry harsher penalties that override misdemeanors.

How long do misdemeanors and felonies stay on my record in Colorado?

Many misdemeanor convictions can be sealed after 3 years, but DUIs take 7 years. Most low-level felonies can be sealed after 10 years per Colorado law, but serious violent felonies may remain permanently. An experienced criminal record sealing attorney can help clear eligible charges.

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