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Castle Rock Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing Criminal Charges in Colorado?
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Arrested in Castle Rock, CO? You Need an Experienced Castle Rock Criminal Defense Attorney

The flash of red and blue fills your rearview mirror. Your hands tighten on the wheel as you pull to the shoulder. A knock on the window and your night takes an unexpected turn into the complex machinery of the criminal justice system.

Like many before you, you’re anxious and disoriented as your rights are read. The back of a squad car is not where you saw yourself at this stage of life. How did you get here? Will there be a chance to tell your side? What would your family think?

The cruiser speeds along as you watch the familiar streets of your neighborhood blur. You realize you’re being taken into the belly of a system that, just hours earlier, seemed a world away. Now you’re trapped in the gears, clinging to the hope you’ll come out intact.

We know that fear. Our law firm has seen hundreds of wide-eyed men and women enter our offices, lives suddenly thrown off course after one regrettable night. Hardworking parents are faced with impossible choices. Young students watching their dreams of college, career, and family hang by a thread.

castle rock criminal defense attorney

Experienced Castle Rock Criminal Defense Attorney in Your Corner

Knowledge equals power. Our Castle Rock criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors and District Attorneys. Past cases give us insight into the way Douglas County prosecutors operate. From sentencing possibilities to diversion programs, we’re intimately familiar with each option to secure the best outcome.

Yet even perfect knowledge of the law isn’t enough. To build an ironclad case, we must first see you as more than a stack of evidence and witness statements. You are a father worrying about how to tell his kids. A mother hoping she won’t lose her job. A son scared he ruined his future. Underneath the surface charges rest the real-life stories of hardship and hope that hold the keys to a stronger defense strategy.

Penalties and Jail Time for Felonies and Misdemeanors in Douglas County

Unlike minor traffic infractions, misdemeanors and felonies in Colorado are criminal offenses that carry more severe consequences. The key differences include:

Misdemeanors – Crimes punishable, in most cases, by up to 1 year in a county jail, fines, probation, or other penalties. There are 2 classes of misdemeanors in Colorado:

  • Class 1 – Up to 364 days in jail, Up to $1,000 fine
  • Class 2 – Up to 120 days in jail, Up to $750 fine

Felonies – More serious crimes punishable by over 1 year in state prison, heavier fines, or even the death penalty. Felonies are classified into 6 levels; below are the presumptive sentencing ranges:

  • Class 1 – Life in prison
  • Class 2 – 8-24 years in prison, Followed by up to 5 years parole, $5,000-$1 million fine
  • Class 3 – 4-12 in prison, Followed by 3 years parole years in prison, $3,000-$750,000 fine
  • Class 4 – 2-6 in prison, followed by 3 years parole, $2000-$500,000 fine
  • Class 5 – 1-3 years in prison, followed by 2 years of parole, $1,000-$100,000 fine
  • Class 6 – 1 year to 18 months followed by 1 year of parole, $1000-$100,000 Fine

Having an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney can help minimize penalties and protect your rights through the legal process. If you haven’t already, you should have a member of our team review your charges for free.

Your Future Hangs in the Balance – We’ll Fight For You

We’ve seen hundreds of cases dismissed entirely. We’ve helped countless clients avoid or minimize jail time through strategic negotiation. We can help you too.

We will leverage every resource, expertise, relationship, and legal angle to give you the strongest possible chance at the future you desire. Not the future the system tries to hand you.

If you’re tempted to take the easiest route and plead guilty, remember – a criminal record doesn’t just vanish when the sentence ends. It lingers as a specter over your life for years, closing doors to jobs, housing, loans, and education. Don’t let one bad choice permanently hijack the story of your life! Walk into court with a Castle Rock criminal defense attorney ready to counter the prosecution blow-by-blow.

Don’t Let One Wrong Decision Impact Your Life, Job or Freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and felony in Colorado?

The key difference is that misdemeanors are lesser crimes punishable by up to 1 year in jail, while felonies are more serious crimes punishable by over 1 year in prison. Misdemeanors are handled in county courts, while district courts oversee felony cases.

What happens if I'm charged with both a misdemeanor and felony?

In Colorado you can face multiple charges arising from the same incident – for example, misdemeanor assault and felony aggravated robbery. The cases may be tried separately or consolidated, but a felony conviction will carry harsher penalties that override misdemeanors.

How long do misdemeanors and felonies stay on my record in Colorado?

Many misdemeanor convictions can be sealed after 3 years, but DUIs take 7 years. Most low-level felonies can be sealed after 10 years per Colorado law, but serious violent felonies may remain permanently. An experienced criminal record sealing attorney can help clear eligible charges.

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