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We Help Veterans Facing Criminal Charges in CO.
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The Veterans Trauma Court in Colorado Can Offer You A Second Chance. We Can Help You Get It.

Approximately 44 million people in the United States suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. A large percentage of that number comprises our nation’s service members. Many of our nation’s veterans return from service with either symptoms of or full-fledged diagnoses of PTSD. The result? These soldiers end up in the criminal justice system due to crimes committed relating to their anxiety, depression, self-destructive behavior, hostility, or sometimes due to reactions from a flashback they cannot control. Our Colorado Springs PTSD lawyer can help.

DUI is just one of the symptoms of PTSD, as one may drink to excess to quell the horrific memories of seeing comrades shot. Many with this traumatic disorder drink to forget. Then, they drive. Then they get a DUI. Police officers, firefighters, and paramedics can also experience PTSD, as can survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence. At Right Law Group in Colorado Springs, we can provide compassionate defense services, defending you against your charges. Call now for a free consultation.

Cases We Handle Involving PTSD

PTSD defense attorney, Alexis Austin, is knowledgeable in PTSD-related legal concerns, having researched it extensively and studied the effects of PTSD as part of her undergraduate education. She knows how PTSD factors into criminal arrests. Working with veterans, her defense strategy handles each case optimally, providing peace of mind.

We handle these and other criminal charges relating to PTSD:

Veteran Trauma Court

At the Colorado Springs law firm of Right Law Group, we offer aggressive defense for crimes committed while suffering from the effects of PTSD. Crimes include drinking and driving due to serious alcohol abuse and aggravated assault arrests, including those relating to felony domestic violence. A special veteran trauma court in Colorado can be petitioned to handle these cases. This court is designed for customized veteran help and uses a holistic approach to managing cases involving veterans with PTSD. It is administered by veterans and overseen by a judge who is a veteran. Service-related mental health issues are looked at more compassionately, often resulting in plea bargains or reduced sentences. We understand that PTSD is not your fault and appreciate your service. We will stand by you.

When you work with Right Law Group, rest assured we will strive for your case’s best possible outcome. We will protect your rights. Call now for your FREE consultation.

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