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Being arrested for robbery in Colorado Springs can feel overwhelming. These criminal charges carry steep penalties that could damage your future if convicted.

At Right Law Group, our Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys regularly defend clients facing robbery allegations. We understand how devastating these accusations can be and will work relentlessly to protect your rights and freedom.

Robbery charges should never be taken lightly. In Colorado, robbery is considered a serious violent felony. If convicted, you could face years in prison as well as significant financial penalties.

But with an experienced Colorado Springs robbery lawyer by your side analyzing the details of your case, you can build effective defenses to get charges reduced or even dismissed.

Robbery Charges in Colorado

Under C.R.S. 18-4-301, robbery occurs when an individual knowingly takes anything of value from a person or place by the use of force, threats, or intimidation. Robbery is classified as a Class 4 Felony in Colorado, carrying a penalty of 2 to 6 years of imprisonment.

However, certain circumstances can elevate a robbery to an aggravated robbery charge under C.R.S. 18-4-302. Aggravated robbery is much more serious, categorized as a class 3 felony with a sentencing range of 10-32 years in prison.

For a robbery charge to become aggravated, it must involve at least one of the following situations:

  • The suspect was armed with a deadly weapon (gun, knife, etc.)
  • The suspect represented that they were armed, even if no weapon was shown
  • The robbery took place at a controlled substance pharmacy
  • Bodily injury occurred during the robbery
  • The suspect threatened to use a deadly weapon or explosive device

Due to the complex nature of these cases, it is essential to have an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney on your side to carefully examine the circumstances and build defenses.

Building a Strong Defense Against Robbery Charges

Facing accusations of robbery or aggravated robbery can feel scary. But, experienced criminal defense lawyers have a wide range of strategies to build strong defenses against these allegations.

An attorney will thoroughly examine the circumstances of your case to identify any illegal searches, lack of evidence, mistaken identity, or violations of due process rights. We may also interview witnesses and work with private investigators to gather exculpatory evidence.

Some possible defenses against robbery charges include:

  • You did not possess or use a weapon during the incident
  • The alleged victim consented to giving you the property
  • You had a legal right to possess the weapon at the time
  • You had a legal right to be at the location where the alleged robbery happened
  • You did not use force, threats, or intimidation to take the property
  • The police violated your Constitutional rights during searches or interrogation

By hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney as early in the process as possible, you have the greatest chance to develop defenses, resulting in reduced charges or even a full dismissal. Don’t hesitate to secure the services of a knowledgeable legal counsel.

How a Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

The dedicated robbery defense lawyers at Right Law Group have the skills and experience to protect your rights and future.

Specifically, we will:

  • Conduct an independent investigation – We do not rely solely on the prosecution’s evidence. We proactively gather our own evidence and witness statements to contradict their version of events.
  • Negotiate with the DA – Drawing on our backgrounds as former prosecutors, we may be able to negotiate with the DA’s office to get charges reduced or dropped entirely.
  • Suppress illegally obtained evidence – If the police violated your Constitutional rights, any evidence resulting from that misconduct can be suppressed.
  • Assemble expert witnesses – We consult with forensic specialists and other experts to provide testimony that punches holes in the prosecution’s claims.
  • Aggressively cross-examine witnesses – Our effective questioning exposes inconsistencies and bias in the testimonies used against you.
  • Advocate for diversion programs – First-time and juvenile offenders may be eligible for more lenient diversion programs instead of jail time.
  • File persuasive motions – We file smart legal motions challenging the legal merits and constitutional standing of the charges.

With an aggressive defense and skillful negotiation tactics, many of our clients see their charges reduced from felonies to misdemeanors, avoiding lengthy prison sentences and preserving their futures.

Let Us Fight For Your Freedom After a Robbery Arrest

The experienced local defense attorneys at Right Law Group are ready to protect your rights and future after any type of robbery, theft, or burglary charge in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas of Colorado.

We have successfully defended countless clients facing serious felony allegations and know how to build an effective legal strategy tailored to your unique situation.

To explore your defense options with a free case evaluation from our firm, contact Right Law Group today. Your future is at stake, so do not hesitate to have us review your robbery charges and explain how we can help.

Don’t Let One Wrong Decision Impact Your Life, Job or Freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between robbery and burglary?

The key difference is robbery involves force or threat of force against a person, while burglary refers to illegally entering a building to commit theft. Robbery is considered more serious.

Will I be offered a plea deal?

Prosecutors often offer plea bargains in robbery cases. This involves pleading guilty to a lesser charge to avoid a lengthy trial and harsher sentence. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can advise if a plea deal makes sense.

What happens if someone gets hurt during a robbery?

If injury or death occurs during a robbery, it can lead to first-degree assault, manslaughter, or murder charges in addition to the robbery itself. These additional charges can substantially increase the prison sentence.

Can I be charged with robbery if I was only the getaway driver?

Yes, under Colorado’s complicity law, all parties involved in planning or committing a robbery can face the same charges as the main perpetrator. The getaway driver can be charged with robbery.

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