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Alex Arcano

Alex Arcano

Client Relations Specialist

I’m Alex Arcano, a Client Relations Specialist at the Right Law Group. As the first point of contact for clients, I ensure that they receive top-notch customer service and build strong relationships with them. I’m passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. I believe that strong communication is key to a successful client relationship, and I always try to keep clients informed and up-to-date.

In addition to my work at Right Law Group, I’m a college student studying journalism and communication studies. I enjoy making short films and documentaries, reading classic literature, and playing video games. My passion for communication and storytelling aligns well with my role as a Client Relations Specialist, and I’m committed to using my skills to help clients achieve their goals.

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Let’s Face It. Life Happens.

One too many drinks can leave you sitting in the drunk tank with a DUI.

One loud fight can turn into domestic violence charges.

A moment of distraction or a heavy foot can turn into a speeding ticket.


In almost every case, there is a silver lining and an opportunity to get the outcome you are looking for as long as you have an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer to guide you through the complicated criminal process.

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