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Man accused of DUI assault in Colorado

An interaction with a law enforcement officer can be disorienting. Often, as people ponder the implications of an arrest -- even if they are not ultimately charged or convicted -- they can become concerned about the future financial, personal and professional implications of an arrest, potentially causing them to react in a way that is out of character. Unfortunately, a man in Colorado is now facing multiple criminal charges, including DUI, following an interaction with police officers.

The incident that led to the man's arrest happened during the early morning hours of a day in June. According to reports, police responded to a fast food restaurant after receiving reports of a "possible DUI in progress." There, police encountered the man now facing criminal charges.

Man accused of assault following encounter with Colorado officer

An encounter with a law enforcement officer can create stress for a variety of different people. Often, this stress can cause a person to react in a way that is out-of-character and could ultimately create a complicated legal situation. Unfortunately, a man in Colorado is now facing an assault charge, among others, following an interaction with police officers.

The incident reportedly happened around 10:30 p.m. on a day in June. Police claim they received a call about a man who was apparently in distress. According to reports, the caller claimed that the man was under the influence, bleeding and did not have on any clothing.

Car strikes car stopped in road in Colorado; DUI suspected

No one would deny that police officers have difficult jobs. In fact, one officer claims that those who work the night shift encounter a driver who is driving under the influence of alcohol every shift that they work. Unfortunately, this frequency can lead officers to assume that a person may be DUI regardless of the evidence that supports their assumption. For example, it is unclear what lead officers in Colorado to believe that a driver who struck two police cars that were stopped in the road was under the influence.

The accident happened one night in May. An officer claims to have noticed another individual behaving suspiciously -- the individual was reportedly driving very slowly and weaving between lanes. When the officer initiated a stop, however, the driver allegedly stopped in the lanes of traffic rather than pulling over. Two other officers arrived at the scene to help direct traffic.

Post-traumatic stress can greatly affect your life

Trauma can come in many forms. Some people experience trauma after being involved in car accidents or serving in war zones. Others may experience trauma after going through other particularly difficult events, such as an abusive marriage or harsh divorce.

It is not uncommon for people who have suffered through harrowing scenarios to find themselves having post-traumatic stress disorder. While the first image that comes to your mind when hearing about PTSD may be of a soldier returning from a war-torn area, it is also possible for individuals who have suffered abuse throughout their marriages to have PTSD.

DUI suspected in Colorado crash that injured trooper

Most people would likely agree that police officers and other law enforcement officials put their lives on the line every day when they report to work. As a result, when it is believed that an officer was a victim of a crime, it seems that the general public and law enforcement are determined to hold someone accountable, regardless of the evidence. For example, it is unclear what supports the claim that DUI was involved in an accident that injured a Colorado State Patrol trooper.

The incident happened around 1 a.m. on a day in April. According to reports, a member of the Colorado State Patrol had stopped on Interstate 25 as a result of a disabled vehicle. The trooper's identity has not been released.

Domestic violence: Can it go beyond physical abuse?

Facing any type of accusation can leave a person feeling disconcerted. In some cases, an accusation may come on a relatively minor or even playful level, such as being accused of eating the last piece cake. In other instances, however, a person could face a serious legal predicament if accusations of domestic violence are brought against him or her.

When many Colorado residents think of domestic violence, the first scenario that often jumps to mind is one spouse or partner physically abusing another. However, domestic violence does not just involve physical abuse. As a result, if a person is accused of this type of action, it is important that it is fully understood of what he or she is being accused. For instance, a person may claim that a spouse or partner committed emotional abuse by causing the victim to feel worthless.

Embezzlement claim follows missing money from Colorado store

Running a business takes a great deal of skill and commitment. Even those who want to see a business become successful can easily make a mistake -- especially if that person has multiple job responsibilities -- that could look suspicious to others. Unfortunately, a man in Colorado is now charged with embezzlement after law enforcement officials claim that that he stole money from his employer, a business that he originally owned.

The incident involves a liquor store. The man now accused and a partner reportedly bought the business in 2016. However, because the former reportedly has a criminal history, reports claim that he was unable to obtain a liquor license, prompting him to seek out his business partner's mother about buying him out. The woman ultimately agreed to do so. However, the man stayed on as an employee of the business.

Does an arrest automatically mean formal criminal charges?

Being taken into custody can throw anyone's life off track. If you, like most other Colorado residents, do not have an in-depth understanding of criminal law, you may automatically feel that you are on your way to facing dire consequences. However, numerous steps go into a criminal case, and it is not always guaranteed that an arrest will lead to formal charges.

An officer believing he or she has reason to arrest you and subsequently take you into custody is typically where a criminal case begins, and while that may certainly be a nerve-wracking experience for you, your case may have a long way to go. From the moment an officer places you under arrest, you may find it useful to consider seeking legal assistance.

Police accuse driver of DUI in crash that injured 2

Many drivers in Colorado would likely report having more difficulty seeing at night. When this limited visibility is combined with fatigue and flashing lights, it is easy to see how a driver could easily become disoriented. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers may be quick to assume that an accident under such circumstances is the result of a driver who is DUI rather than a relatively simple oversight.

In fact, police claim that DUI was a factor in a recent car accident that reportedly sent two police officers to the hospital. According to reports, one officer was conducting a traffic stop during the early morning hours of a day in February.  A second officer reportedly arrived at the scene to provide extra protection for the first.

DUI suspected in Colorado crash that sent 1 to hospital

Car accidents can happen at any moment for a variety of different reasons. Even a slight miscalculation can have devastating consequences. Unfortunately, a woman who was recently involved in a crash in Colorado is now suspected of DUI.

The incident happened around 5:15 p.m. on a day in mid-February. Reports claim that the driver of a southbound sports utility vehicle was driving erratically and speeding just prior to the accident. Police say that the 28-year-old driver allowed the SUV to drift off the road where it struck a curb. The SUV then rolled before crashing into the rear of a parked vehicle.

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