Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Firm Right Law Group Provides Guidance on New Gun Laws

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Right Law Group, a leading Colorado Springs criminal defense law firm, is providing guidance for residents following the recent signing of four new gun laws by Colorado Governor Jared Polis. The new measures increase the age requirement for gun possession and establish a minimum waiting period for gun deliveries, among other changes.

“These new laws have the potential to impact the Second Amendment rights of Colorado residents and could result in criminal charges for those who do not comply,” says Alexis Austin, the CEO and lead criminal defense attorney at Right Law Group in Colorado Springs. “Our team is here to help residents navigate these changes and provide legal representation for those facing charges.”

Here’s everything you should know about the new criminal law changes.

Age Requirement Increase

This new age restriction directly impacts young adults in Colorado. Whereas before 18-year-olds could legally buy and own firearms, now you must be 21.

So, if you’re between ages 18 and 21 and already own guns purchased legally, take note – you may need to transfer ownership to someone 21 or older to avoid penalties. There are a few exceptions if you need a gun for hunting, target practice, or training courses. But in most cases, you simply cannot possess pistols or rifles under age 21 anymore.

This matters because data shows older buyers may be less prone to violence, suicide risks, and reckless behavior often associated with youth gun owners. However, some argue this unfairly strips legal adults of their constitutional rights. There are pros and cons, but if you’re under 21, it’s now the law.

Waiting Period for Gun Deliveries

Have you ever impulse-bought something and regretted it later? This new 3-day waiting period applies that principle to firearm purchases.

Rather than leaving a store able to immediately use your new weapon, you now must wait at least 72 hours before bringing it home. This cooling-off window aims to avoid rash, heat-of-the-moment acts of violence. The first offense nets a $500 fine, and multiple violations can cost thousands.

The impact? If you just passed a background check, don’t expect to grab your new gun right away. For safety reasons, the state mandates a buffer period before taking possession. Some see it as an inconvenience, while others argue it prevents unnecessary tragedies.

Expanded Red Flag Law

Colorado’s red flag law just got broader. Now, doctors, mental health workers, and even teachers can petition courts to remove firearms from those deemed high-risk.

In the past, only household/family members or law enforcement could make these requests. But now the net has widened. So, if your therapist or professor reports you as dangerous, you may have to temporarily surrender weapons.

The reasoning? Arm more community members with the power to speak up when someone displays violent warning signs. But, critics argue it denies gun rights without due process. It’s a polarizing move that could impact many residents.

Removal of Liability Protection

Should gun and ammo makers be liable if their products injure or kill? This new Colorado law says yes – stripping away broad immunity protections previously granted to the firearm industry.

Now, if defects in manufacturing or design are shown to cause harm, companies can be sued and taken to court like any other negligent business. Supporters praise the change, saying it properly holds corporations accountable. But opponents argue it unfairly opens companies up to politically-driven lawsuits.

It “requires each industry member engaged in the manufacture, distribution, importation, marketing, or wholesale or retail sale of an industry product in Colorado to establish and implement reasonable controls and precautions related to the industry product in its control,” according to the legislation summary.

How does this affect you? If injured by faulty weapons or ammo, Colorado residents may now have more legal recourse against brands and manufacturers through civil lawsuits where blame can be assigned.

Impact on Second-Amendment Rights

The increase in the age requirement for firearm possession from 18 to 21 has drawn considerable attention. This change restricts Coloridians aged 18 to 20 from accessing firearms as they previously could.

Alexis Austin emphasizes the significance of this alteration, stating, “Raising the age limit impacts the ability of young adults to exercise their Second Amendment rights. It effectively limits their access to firearms, which can be a concern for those who believe in the fundamental right to bear arms.”

Additionally, while the three-day waiting period aims to enhance public safety by allowing for thorough background checks, concerns have arisen regarding its impact on individual rights.

Austin adds, “These changes are significant, and it’s important for residents to understand how they could be impacted,” says Austin. “At Right Law Group in Colorado Springs, we are dedicated to providing our clients with legal representation and guidance throughout the criminal defense process. If you are facing charges related to these new gun laws, our team is here to help.”

Potential For Criminal Charges Under New Legislation

Violating Colorado’s new gun laws can result in fines and weapons charges, with subsequent offenses potentially leading to more severe penalties. Austin advises Coloridians to be mindful of these new regulations to avoid facing legal consequences.

The criminal defense attorney explained, “With the introduction of new gun control laws, it is vital for Coloradans to be aware of the potential criminal charges that may arise from non-compliance. Understanding these charges is crucial in safeguarding your rights and ensuring a strong defense. We advise consulting with an experienced defense attorney to navigate the complexities of these laws and protect your legal interests.”

If you require legal counsel or have questions regarding the recent changes to gun laws in Colorado, Right Law Group is ready to help. Their attorneys are ready to provide comprehensive support and protect your rights. To schedule a consultation or learn more about our services, please visit their website at

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