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Gannon Becker

Gannon Becker

Litigation Attorney

My name is Gannon Becker, and I am a litigation attorney at Right Law Group. I represent people who have found themselves facing criminal charges and who need an advocate. If you find yourself in this situation, I can help. My job is to guide you through the criminal justice process and represent you at every step in your case. That means I work with you to understand your goals and concerns while ensuring you receive the best possible outcome in your case, either through negotiation or at trial.

Prior to becoming a defense attorney, I attended the University of North Dakota where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Public Administration. I then went on to study at the University of North Dakota School of Law to pursue my interests in criminal and constitutional law. After earning my law degree, I moved to Colorado with my wife and son, and I was admitted to the Colorado Bar Association. I began representing clients as a defense attorney in the greater Denver metropolitan area, handling various kinds of traffic and criminal cases throughout many jurisdictions. My family and I then made the move to Colorado Springs and have called it “home” ever since. I continued practicing as a defense attorney at a private firm in Colorado Springs, representing people in our community who found themselves in need of support.

After nearly two years as a defense lawyer, I felt it was important gain experience on the other side to learn how the state prosecutes and builds cases, so I began working as a Deputy District Attorney at the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in El Paso County. I started in county court, handling thousands of misdemeanor and traffic cases, and worked my way up to district court, where I handled more serious felony cases. I refined my skills as a trial attorney, regularly conducting jury trials on cases ranging anywhere from misdemeanor traffic offenses, DUIs, and domestic violence, all the way up to first degree murder. Even though I was working as a prosecutor, I always prided myself on being reasonable, fair, and treating every defendant with dignity and respect. After a year and a half as a prosecutor, it was this mentality – that everyone in the criminal justice system deserves to be treated well and given a solid defense – that eventually brought me back to working as a defense attorney.

Now, as a litigation attorney with Right Law Group, I am taking what I learned from my prior experience in both prosecution and defense to provide our clients with the very best representation. Whatever charges you may be facing, you can be sure that we at Right Law Group have seen it before. We understand how charges may affect you now, as well as later on in life, and we make it our mission to help you navigate the complexities that can arise so that you can build a better life on the other side.
It will be my pleasure to work with you and guide you through this difficult time. As your attorney, I fight for your best interests, and I work hard to secure the best possible outcome in your case. No matter what your specific situation may be, I am here to help.

Gannon Becker

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