About Our Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Team

Our Core Values

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We focus on having the freedom, flexibility, and autonomy to design and pursue our own paths.

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It is our highest goal to always do the right thing by our clients and ourselves, even if the right thing takes more time, energy, or has never been done before.

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We are continually exploring new ways to grow and improve in our firm, in our personal lives, and in the community around us.

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We use the latest technology and tools to constantly propel ourselves forward to better our lives and the lives of our clients.

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Enjoying the Journey

We are always looking forward and planning our next steps, but we take the time to appreciate lessons learned and to be thankful for where we are in the journey.

Meet the Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Team

Alexis Austin, Manager, Attorney

Alexis Austin – Criminal Defense Attorney and Managing Partner

Ms. Austin is the CEO and Managing Partner of the Right Law Group, a Colorado Springs, criminal defense law firm she founded in June of 2018.

Before founding the Right Law Group, Ms. Austin was a Deputy District Attorney in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. She left the D.A.’s office to become a partner in a well-respected criminal defense firm in Colorado Springs. During her time there, she learned what it takes to run a successful law practice. Armed with that knowledge and a desire to start a firm wired for the 21st century, she set out on her own and founded the Right Law Group.

Ms. Austin’s leadership and vision have steered the Right Law Group to consecutive years of 40% increases in gross profit, but given the state of the current worldwide pandemic, this year’s growth has been the most impressive by far. Since June of 2018, she has grown the business from a single employee (herself) to two full time attorneys, two other full-time staff, four other contract lawyers and staff, and an intern. She has also mentored four other local attorneys who have used Ms. Austin’s example and advice to open their own legal enterprises.

Ms. Austin’s contributes regularly to the local community through her contract work with Colorado Alternative Defense Counsel and the local women’s group, TESSA in addition to her private criminal defense practice. Through her contract with Alternative Defense Counsel, she provides legal defense work for indigent defendants who are charged with crimes (both felony and misdemeanor) in El Paso County. She represents these clients at a significantly discounted rate in order to provide them with top tier, constitutionally guaranteed, professional legal counsel. A substantial amount of her firm’s resources are spent on these indigent clients. Through her work with TESSA, she has helped victims of domestic violence navigate the criminal justice system. She helps direct victims to community resources, she explains the judicial process to them, and she oftentimes represents them in court proceedings to obtain protection orders against their abusers.

Like many businesses, the Right Law Group was not immune to the difficulties which resulted from the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020. The local legal community, normally precise and predictable, was suddenly thrown into disarray by courthouse closures, continuances, and ever-updating declarations from the local chief judge and the Colorado Supreme Court. The old way of doing things gave way to video dockets and virtual plea deals. Nothing seemed normal.

Amid all of the uncertainty, Ms. Austin found herself to be a counselor with fewer people to counsel. As the courthouse slowed to a screeching halt, inmates were not being brought to court and people with new cases were having their court dates set out for months in the future. As the city, state, country and world struggled with how to move forward, Ms. Austin began to focus on finding ways to keep her firm and her employees afloat.

During this time, she took advantage of government opportunities, restructured her firm, offered internships to Colorado law students, joined legal community message boards, expanded the reach of her business via featured spots on various legal and business podcasts, networked with legal peers and mentors, took on a business coach, expanded her marketing plan to include appearances on local TV and radio shows, and still worked for the best interests of her hundreds of clients.

As the business world cautiously emerges from the pandemic, the Right Law Group is emerging as a sleeker, more technologically savvy, and superior criminal defense firm in southern Colorado. This positive evolution of the firm is due to Ms. Austin’s relentless pursuit of excellence, for herself, her employees, and her clients.

Cole Presnell - Criminal Defense Attorney

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read my bio. My name is Cole Presnell, and I am a defense attorney with Right Law Group. In a world where attorneys can seem like a dime a dozen, I want you to feel confident choosing us because we are a devoted team with drastically different backgrounds, and we bring the value of our different perspectives to your case. 

Most defense attorneys are able to serve the basic functions you will require when handling your case – they will read discovery, communicate with the state, advise you of your rights, and help you strategize towards the resolution of your case. What we offer is a truly personalized service that takes your needs, your personality, your financial situation, and your specific circumstances into account. 

I became an attorney because I am passionate about the rights we all share as Americans. As a soldier, I swore an oath to uphold the constitution, and I see legal work as the best way to continue that service now that I am out of the military. In my personal experience, a defense attorney can do more to protect the rights of Americans in just one or two days at work than I was able to accomplish in eight years of service – including two Iraq deployments, a year in Korea, and more training exercises than I can count. 

When I was discharged from the military, my passion to fight for American rights led me to the University of Oregon School of Law, and I made criminal law my focus while I was there. I took every criminal law class I could fit into my schedule, and I grew more and more passionate each day about defending the rights of those facing. 

During Law School I worked as an intern in the Lane County, Oregon public defender’s office, and there I quickly became acclimated to working on a high volume of traffic and DUI cases. The attorney in charge passionately trained us to look for the best outcome for our client, and I still apply the lessons I learned to each and every traffic case I work on. From the initial stop to when they hand you a summons and drive away, every officer is bound by Constitutional guidelines that subject every aspect of the stop to scrutiny. 

During Law School, I also entered the VA system, and as such, I know what our local veterans are dealing with. I understand the difficulty they face when trying to make sure their voices are heard and when trying to receive the treatment they need through the VA. This insight into veterans’ lives helps me talk to them about the possible outcomes of their cases, and it helps me understand the interaction between their benefits and the criminal justice system. Being a veteran myself also helps me tell your veteran story to judges and juries when the time for that comes. Here in Colorado Springs, military experience is extremely helpful for a defense attorney to relate to juries because our juries are often made up of veterans and their family members. 

Shortly after Law School, I moved back to Colorado Springs and began working as a Deputy State Public Defender. As part of the State Defender system, I worked on hundreds of DUI and traffic cases and cut my teeth on domestic violence and weapon charges. I learned the value of clear communication with the District Attorney’s office, and I learned how to present mitigating evidence to the DA while maintaining my clients’ defense. I also consistently worked with a very large caseload, so I learned the value a private attorney can bring to a client, especially when their case is complicated and full of tiny details. One of the best things about being an attorney for Right Law Group is working for a firm that is able to provide the detail-oriented service our clients deserve, and I take pride in helping you resolve your case in the way that is most beneficial to you and your lifestyle. 

As a veteran, a father, and a long time community member, I am committed to using my knowledge and experience to help you get through what is arguably one of the most challenging times of your life. We are committed to protecting all of your rights—no matter whether the issue is freedom of speech, your right to own a firearm, or your right to be free from unjust search and seizure. You deserve an attorney or firm that meets your criminal defense needs, and I am confident Right Law Group can serve you well. 




Rachelle Gonzales – Firm Administrator and Paralegal

Hello, my name is Rachelle Gonzales. I am Right Law Group’s Firm Administrator and Paralegal which means I am in charge of making sure our clients get the absolute best client care possible from our firm’s staff while our attorneys kick butt in court. Because our attorneys work hard in court to make sure our clients get the best representation possible, I spend a lot of time doing the behind the scenes work to help our attorneys and our clients. What I love most about our firm is that we take a team approach. Our clients do not just have one attorney handling their case. They have the backing of an entire team of legal help including 2 attorneys, myself as a paralegal, and our legal assistants. Because I work so closely with our clients, let me tell you a little bit about who I am so that you will know who you have in your corner if you become our client.

I am 47 years old, married, have 2 amazing kids – one son and one daughter – along with 3 awesome grandbabies. I love being with my family as much as possible which is why I love working at Right Law Group because the flexibility allows me to be with my family as much as I want. I love camping, fishing, and traveling. I was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado, and I still live in Pueblo today. What some people don’t know about me is that I am the keyboard player in the Grupo Mezcla/Mixed Emotions band that my husband started. He has been in a band for many years, so he decided one day to teach me keyboards so that we could do it together, and now we perform regularly from Pueblo to Denver.

After my daughter graduated high school, she asked me if I wanted to go back to school with her in order to get my Bachelor’s Degree since I had put that part of my career on hold to focus on my family. My first response was “Hell no!” because it had been years since I was in school. However, the very next day I found myself enrolling. I graduated in May 2020 with my bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Criminology and a minor in History which later opened up the doors for the opportunity to join Right Law Group in a management role. I am so thankful my daughter convinced me to go back to school with her!

While I love helping our clients now, I did not start out working in criminal defense. In fact, most of my background has been in law enforcement, government, and prosecution, but I have always enjoyed helping others in any role. That is where I get the most satisfaction. After graduating high school, I started working at the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office. In January of 1996 I was hired full time with the Pueblo County District Attorney’s Office and remained there for a year before going back to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office for 5 years. During that time, I also worked as a temporary employee at the Pueblo Police Department. In December of 2001 I took on more responsibilities as I started with the Pueblo County Treasurer’s Office as the Administrative Assistant. While I was very good in my position at the Treasurer’s Office, I found that I missed helping people who were going through difficult situations, so I went back to the District Attorney’s Office in 2006. I recently retired from Pueblo County in July 2020 so that I could help people even more than I previously could at the District Attorney’s Office.

I love being able to help others who are dealing with criminal charges because as we all know, mistakes happen, and we are all here to help you with these difficult situations. With my background in law enforcement and prosecution work, I am able to help our clients even more because of the knowledge I have gained over the years. I know how the State and police operate, and I use that understanding to better help our clients. As Right Law Group’s Firm Administrator and head Paralegal, I promise to work hard for you when those hard times happen to help you get through it and back on the right path.

If you ever need anything at all, I am here for you. Thank you so much for considering Right Law Group as the firm to help you through what you are facing.




Nick Moewes – Legal Assistant

Hello, my name is Nick Moewes and I am the Legal Assistant at Right Law Group. I am the firm’s front lines if you will. When you call in during the day, more than likely I will be the one you come in contact with first. I also help the firm’s attorneys and our Paralegal with many daily tasks that make their day go by a little bit easier while they are in court or handling many other matters that they may have throughout the day. The best thing about working for Right Law Group is the connections that are built with our clients. I can honestly say that throughout the process of representing a client, we get to work with you personally and it’s not just a working relationship but rather closer to friendship. Since you will more than likely be speaking with me first, I want you to know a little bit about me.

I was born in Colorado Springs and later moved to Pueblo West Colorado when I was 5. I am now 23 years old. I played many different sports when I was young, but nothing came close to the love I had for hockey. I played hockey for 18 straight years and wouldn’t have changed one second of it. I traveled to many amazing and beautiful places all over America and Canada because of hockey. I played both roller and ice hockey and was the captain of the Pueblo County Hornets Highschool team during my senior year and was the assistant captain my Junior year. Hockey wasn’t just about playing the game for me. It created so many lifelong friendships and memories as well. I am also a college student at PCC and will be transferring to CSU-Pueblo in 2021. My major is in Wild-Life Biology, and I also will have a minor in business. My life-long goal is to own my own fly shop someday. I love fishing, hunting, and camping, and I spend most of my free time doing those things.

Working at Right Law Group and watching how Alexis has grown and molded our firm so quickly has truly been inspiring for someone like me who wants to be a business owner one day. I started working with the firm back in January 2020, and it amazes me how quickly the firm has advanced and adapted to better fit our clients’ needs. The whole firm works incredibly hard to make this tough time in your life easier for you. Our number one goal is to make sure you have someone on your side during one of the most difficult times in your life.

I look forward to helping you if you need us.




Mailyn Aguilar

Mailyn Aguilar – Client Relations Specialist

Hello, my name is Mailyn. I am one of the Client Relations Specialists at Right Law Group. I am the initial point of contact when it comes to holding consultations, identifying and resolving client satisfaction issues, questions about their case, and anything else our clients may need.

I am a 34-year-old mother of 3 beautiful kids – two boys and one girl. The best part about working at Right Law Group is the flexibility I have to still spend time with my family while being productive at work. I have an extensive background in Client Services and have worked in Customer Service for ten years. I love being on the phone, listening, helping, and resolving client issues. Having been in this field for quite a while, I am passionate about protecting the rights of our clients.

An American poet Nikki Giovanni once said, “Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts.” I’m a firm believer in the sentiment behind this statement. We all are human and it is normal for us to make mistakes. What matters most is how you deal with those mistakes.

I want to let you know that our team is here to help. We will assist you in the best possible way we can. I look forward to speaking with you and getting you the help you need if you have made a mistake and want help moving forward.



Bree Martz

Bree Martz – Client Success Coordinator

Hello! My name is Bree Martz, and I am one of the RLG team’s Client Success Coordinators. As the CSC, I am the first point of contact for clients as well as anyone else who reaches out to our office. My role is important because it allows our legal team and attorneys to focus on behind-the-scenes casework without interruption. While I make sure our clients are given the absolute best service possible. Basically, I’m the Right Law Group’s caretaker.

My background is in communications, I’ve been in the customer service (or related) industry for over 15 years. I thrive on helping others – I’ve never met a stranger or someone I can’t get along with. You’ll likely hear the excitement in my voice each time we talk.

As a Colorado Springs native, I left the city for college but couldn’t stay away for long and quickly returned after graduation. For the past 8 years, my main role has been as a Domestic Goddess, aka., a dedicated Mom focused on raising my 3 kiddos.

I have recently become a single parent, so I know what it means to be resilient. I also know what it is like to go through something challenging and come out on the other side even better than before. That’s why I am so happy to be able to be the first point of contact for our clients here at Right Law Group. I always try to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel because I know that if you just keep going, things do get better!

When I’m not checking in with clients or helping my RLG team, I volunteer on my children’s PTO board and neighborhood HOA, spend time with my kiddos playing or hiking outside, and on the off chance I have free time, I enjoy restoring vintage furniture.

If you need help with a criminal case, I look forward to helping you get back on the right track and providing support for you along the way.



Why Us? Reasons to Choose the Colorado Springs Attorneys at Right Law Group


Many times, when you meet with an attorney, he or she will either scare you into feeling like you have to hire that law firm immediately or promise to give you the world on a silver platter. We do neither. The Colorado Springs attorneys at Right Law Group are straight forward with you. We don’t scare you or make outrageous promises.

We will evaluate your case honestly and tell you the strengths and weaknesses upfront. We will give you reliable information and advice throughout the case, and when we can, we get you that silver platter, too.


This is the part where we are supposed to impress you with all the trials we’ve won, all the satisfied clients we have had and talk about how our Colorado Springs attorneys have inside information because we are “former DAs and PDs working for you,” but everyone says that.

We offer our clients all the legal experience everyone else has and real-life experience. We know what it’s like to fight, struggle and come out on the other side stronger than before. We have been in situations similar to yours. We know not only criminal and DUI law, but also real life. We know what it means to fight for what you want, and we will fight for you.


Most of our clients come to us looking for help during a difficult time in their lives. We will not only work on resolving your legal issues, but we will also help you get the rest of your life back on track. We give referrals, advice, space to vent, firm directions, a shoulder to cry on and anything else our clients need to start improving their lives overall.

We constantly try to better our law firm as well. To that end, give us your input at letstalk@rightlawgroup.com. Let our Colorado Springs attorneys know how we are doing and how we can improve upon the services we offer. Just as we support our clients in constantly improving, we as a firm are always growing and learning, too.


We mean “big suits,” obviously… and that other phrase you just thought of. We are not some stuffy law firm. You won’t find us walking around in overpriced shoes and thousand-dollar pinstriped suits. Expensive outfits won’t win your case — legal strategies specifically tailored to your individual situation will. Why us? We are not afraid to get our hands dirty, and we will not B.S. you about your case. We are real with you.


You are not just a manila folder holding legal paperwork, so we don’t treat you that way. To us, you are a unique individual with your own goals and issues. We treat each client as he or she should be treated — as a human being, not a file.

On that note, like all human beings, some people are not a good fit. If you come to us and we are not the right law firm for you, don’t worry! We will find a Colorado Springs attorney for you who suits your specific needs. No hard feelings.


Why us? At Right Law Group, we offer free initial consultations, so you can get the information you need with no obligation. Call our Colorado Springs attorneys at 719-822-6227 or reach out to us  to find out how we can help your criminal case move forward.

Colorado Springs Criminal Lawyer

The Right Representation Puts You First

If you are facing criminal charges, you need assertive yet caring counsel at your side. Having previously worked in the district attorney’s office for three Colorado counties, our founding attorney, Alexis Austin, is now an aggressive criminal defense lawyer ready to serve you. She has built a law firm that is dedicated to helping clients who have been arrested and those needing assistance with DUI concerns. From DUI, Right Law Group always seeks the best possible results with their client-focused approach.

Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Colorado Springs

Read more details about our criminal defense lawyers at the profiles below:

We Will Get To Know You and Your Case

As experienced advocates, our approachable defense lawyers know the law and want to know you. We will sit down and get to know you personally, taking the fear out of your current circumstances. Our well-prepared strategy and aggressive defense tactics will help you breathe a bit easier.

Using the latest technology, Right Law Group stays highly responsive to clients’ needs, keeping you connected throughout the legal process. When you call, we answer.

Everyone Makes Mistakes — Call Our

Criminal Defense Lawyers

To discuss your arrest or DUI needs in a free appointment, call our Colorado Springs firm at (719) 249-7677 or request an appointment online today. Our service-oriented criminal defense lawyers and DUI counselors are ready to listen.