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Weapons Charges?
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Have You Been Charged with Possession of a Weapon in CO?​

A Top-Rated Colorado Springs Weapons Charges Lawyer is Only a Phone Call Away

In Colorado, violent crimes committed with firearms are punishable by prison sentences and hefty fines. While minor weapons violations are typically misdemeanors, they can still carry jail time and fines.

You will need the skills of an experienced Colorado Springs weapons charges lawyer who knows the current laws and how to defend your rights. You need intelligent counsel that will seek justice, challenge the evidence against you and guide you through the Colorado criminal justice process.

At the Colorado Springs office of Right Law Group, we fiercely advocate for individuals with weapons-related arrests and gun violations. Our knowledgeable litigators will customize a thorough strategy for your defense that strives for the best possible outcome. Diligent analysis of every detail helps us protect your rights and your freedoms.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in weapons laws and can boldly defend against the following charges:

Our deeply knowledgeable El Paso County weapons charges attorneys help defend clients against weapons charges and those related to domestic violence vehemently. We will advocate aggressively to reduce charges or get your criminal charges dismissed.

Protecting Your Rights With Strong Representation

Were you charged with carrying a concealed weapon?

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney on the case if this charge is laid against you. A charge of carrying a concealed handgun the first time is a Class 1 misdemeanor under Colorado law, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and/or up to 364 days in jail. Under CRS 18-12-102, merely knowingly having an illegal weapon in your possession is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

A subsequent gun offense amounts to a Class 5 felony punishable by a fine of up to $100,000 and up to three years in prison.

You should contact us even if you’re facing a misdemeanor weapons offense. Gun crimes carry a particularly harsh stigma in our nation’s climate, so you will need a good criminal defense attorney to defend your case adequately.

Don’t Let One Wrong Decision Impact Your Life, Job, or Freedom

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Put your future in the hands of someone well-versed in Colorado gun laws. Weapons-related criminal charges in Colorado have far-reaching consequences, even if you aren’t a convicted felon.

Don’t make a mistake due to ignorance of the law. Instead, trust legal counsel. You may get flustered by the distinction between dangerous weapons and illegal weapons. You may not be informed about the right to bear arms or the specific consequences for felons convicted under federal law or Colorado law. Leave the legal jargon to us. All you have to do is be honest about the facts. We will take it from there. Call now.

Don’t Let One Wrong Decision Impact Your Life, Job or Freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a dangerous weapon?

According to CRS 18-12-102, the following are counted as dangerous weapons:

  • Firearm silencer
  • Machine gun
  • Short shotgun
  • Short rifle
  • Ballistic knife

Possession of one of these amounts to a Class 5 felony.

Can I be charged for purchasing a firearm for someone else?

Under CRS 18-12-111, it is a criminal offense to purchase a firearm for a person barred from possessing one. This unlawful purchase of firearms is a Class 4 felony, carrying a fine of up to $500,000 and/or two to six years in jail.

What if I used the firearm to protect myself and my family?

You could be acquitted of a charge if it is shown that you acted in defense of your private property if your attorney finds it prudent to raise the Constitutional right to bear arms. If this applies to you, trust that your Colorado criminal defense attorney will advance a robust defense.

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