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Being charged with a crime can be an extremely unsettling experience. However, it is important not to panic or feel defeated. Acquiring skilled legal representation can significantly affect how your case progresses and ultimately resolves. As an experienced criminal defense law firm in Castle Rock, Colorado, we have helped many clients in your situation navigate the complex legal process following burglary allegations.

Our in-depth knowledge of Colorado burglary laws provides us insight into the nuances of these charges. We understand what evidence and defenses may weaken the prosecution’s case against you. Our goal is to thoroughly review the details of your case and build an effective strategy focused on achieving the most favorable outcome possible based on your circumstances.

While we cannot guarantee a specific result without evaluating your unique case, we do promise to be a tireless advocate for your rights and best interests throughout this process. We take a personalized approach to defending our clients, carefully considering all options that may lead to reduced charges or dismissal.

We encourage you to schedule a free initial consultation so we can get straight to work fighting back against these burglary allegations.

Understanding Burglary Charges in Castle Rock

In Colorado, burglary charges are categorized based on the intent of the crime and the type of location involved.

  • First-degree burglary applies when someone knowingly and unlawfully enters a dwelling with the intent to commit a crime inside.
  • Second-degree burglary involves illegally entering a building other than a residence with intent to commit a crime.
  • Third-degree burglary occurs when someone unlawfully breaks into a coin box, vending machine, cash register, safe, vault, money deposit, etc.

Other related charges like breaking and entering, criminal trespassing, theft, or vandalism can also be filed along with a burglary charge, depending on the circumstances.

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Sentencing and Penalties for Burglary


The penalties for burglary convictions vary based on the degree charged and other factors. Below are the presumptive sentencing ranges. These ranges can be higher or lower depending on different factors.

Burglary Charge Statute Penalty
First-degree burglary C.R.S. 18-4-202 Class 3 felony, 4-12 years imprisonment
Second-degree burglary C.R.S. 18-4-203 Class 4 felony, 2-6 years imprisonment
Third-degree burglary C.R.S. 18-4-204 Class 5 felony, 1-3 years imprisonment
First-Degree burglary of controlled substances C.R.S. 18-4-202 Class 2 felony, 8-24 years imprisonment
Aggravated second-degree burglary C.R.S. 18-4-203 Class 3 felony, 4-12 years imprisonment
Aggravated third-degree burglary C.R.S. 18-4-204 Class 4 felony, 2-6 years imprisonment
Possession of burglary tools C.R.S. 18-4-205 Class 5 felony, 1-3 years imprisonment
Mandatory minimum sentences, criminal history, and plea deals can all impact the final penalty.

The Impacts of a Burglary Conviction

Beyond jail or prison time, a burglary conviction can have consequences that make resuming a normal life difficult.

  • Bars on Certain Occupations – Those with felony convictions are barred from jobs in education, childcare, healthcare, law enforcement, and other fields.
  • Loss of Civil Rights – Convicted felons lose voting rights, jury duty eligibility, and firearm possession rights.
  • Difficulty Renting Housing – Landlords often conduct background checks and may deny housing applications due to burglary convictions.
  • Financial Hardship – Legal fees, court costs, probation expenses, and lost income during incarceration put great financial strain on defendants.
  • Immigration Consequences – Burglary convictions can trigger deportation proceedings for non-citizen defendants.

The impacts of a burglary conviction extend well beyond just the sentence itself. Consulting a Castle Rock burglary lawyer about your options to reduce the charges against you is crucial.

Finding the Right Castle Rock Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing potential burglary charges, finding an experienced local criminal defense attorney is crucial. At Right Law Group, we have over 20 years of experience representing clients facing burglary allegations in Castle Rock and Douglas County. An attorney understands how to build the strongest defense by interviewing witnesses, reviewing evidence, negotiating with prosecutors, and protecting your rights through every stage. In many cases, we’ve been able to get charges reduced or even dismissed through diligent advocacy.

A burglary charge marks the beginning of a long journey through the legal system. You need knowledgeable guidance to navigate each turn successfully. We offer free case consultations to review the details of your situation and map out a defense strategy focused on achieving the best possible outcome. Don’t go it alone—contact our office today to schedule an appointment and get local help fighting back against burglary charges.

Don’t let one wrong decision impact your life, job or freedom.

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Colorado criminal procedure

  • Arrest or

    Arrest or

    The process begins with either an arrest or a summons. The accused is either arrested or served with paperwork summoning them to appear in court. During an arrest, Miranda rights may or may not be read to you. Officers are only required to recite your rights if they intend to question you about potentially incriminating things.

  • Bond Hearing

    Bond Hearing

    In most cases, you're entitled to have a reasonable bond set after you've been arrested. In situations involving domestic violence, the police will request input from the victim before setting a bond. Bonds are set to ensure that a person appears in court at their court dates. If they don’t show up, they forfeit the money that was paid for the bond.

  • Advisement of

    Advisement of

    Whether you are arrested or given a summons to appear, the court must make sure you understand what crimes you are being accused of committing. This is called advisement of charges. The District Attorney will detail the specific charges against you, and the Judge has to make sure you understand what possible penalties are associated with that charge in the state.

  • Preliminary Hearing
    (for Higher Felony

    Preliminary Hearing
    (for Higher Felony

    A preliminary hearing is a way for your defense attorney to challenge the District Attorney’s right to bring charges against you by making them prove that there is reason to believe you committed a crime. The Judge is not deciding your guilt or innocence, but rather whether or not there is probable cause to charge you with the crime in question.

  • Pretrial Conference /

    Pretrial Conference /

    This court date comes after your attorney has reviewed all of the reports and evidence in your case. Here’s where your attorney will engage in plea negotiations with the DA. If they can reach an agreement on the case, you may be able to take a plea bargain. If they cannot reach a resolution, your case will be set for an arraignment or trial date.

  • Arraignment


    An arraignment is the final date for you to decide how you choose to plea. Guilty or not guilty. If you plead guilty, then the case is set for a sentencing date. If you plead not guilty, you and your attorney will then set the case for trial.

  • Motions Hearing

    Motions Hearing

    A motion hearing is when an attorney makes a request that requires a decision from the judge. For example, motions to suppress evidence or statements. These motions can limit the information that goes before a jury if it benefits your case, and there are legal grounds for doing so.

  • Pretrial Readiness

    Pretrial Readiness

    A pretrial readiness conference is held at some point before trial. It usually is held about a week to a month before the date trial is set to begin. This court date ensures everyone is ready to go to trial on the set date. It is also a time for lawyers to bring up any issues they may have to be addressed before the day of trial.

  • Jury Trial

    Jury Trial

    After a jury is selected for trial, the District Attorney’s responsibility is to present the case to the jury. The DA must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the crime. Otherwise, the jury must find you innocent. Your attorney will be able to cross-examine all of the witnesses, present evidence, and ultimately help you navigate this process.

  • Sentencing


    At sentencing, the Judge must decide the appropriate legal penalty for the crime you plead guilty. The Judge’s decision is based on the listed penalties for the specific charge, recommendations from the presentence investigation, your criminal history, as well as statements made at the sentencing by the District Attorney, your attorney, you, and any named victims of the crime.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I be charged with burglary if nothing was stolen?

Yes, you can be charged with burglary in Colorado, even if nothing is stolen. Simply entering a building or occupied structure with the intent to commit a crime inside constitutes burglary.

How does a prior burglary conviction affect future charges?

One prior burglary conviction means any subsequent burglary accusations will automatically be charged as a felony offense, regardless of degree.

Can I be charged just for being present during a burglary?

Simply being present at the scene of a burglary can result in accomplice charges if you did not try to stop the crime from occurring.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Burglary charges should never be taken lightly. The penalties under Colorado law can be severe, with years behind bars for higher-degree convictions. Even a burglary accusation that doesn’t lead to a conviction can negatively impact your life for years to come. By arming yourself with information and finding an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you gain the tools to build the strongest case possible.

The dedicated attorneys at Right Law Group have the experience and determination to be your relentless advocates throughout the legal process. With thousands of resolved cases under our belt and a team of former prosecutors and District Attorneys, we have the expertise to build an airtight defense strategy for your unique situation. Our firm provides relentless and zealous criminal defense backed by over 500 5-star reviews and decades of combined experience.

If you or a loved one are facing burglary allegations, turn to the passionate legal team at Right Law Group for dedicated advocacy. We believe everyone deserves the best defense possible. Call our Castle Rock office today or schedule a free case evaluation online to get started. With our guidance every step of the way, we can face these charges together and achieve the best possible outcome. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start protecting your freedom and rights.

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