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Have you been accused of check fraud in Colorado Springs? Don’t face these devastating charges alone. The dedicated attorneys at Right Law Group have decades of experience defending clients against check fraud allegations.

We understand how one mistake can ruin your finances, reputation, and freedom. That’s why we fight aggressively on your behalf, analyzing the prosecution’s evidence for flaws.

We dig deep to get charges reduced or dismissed. Trust our Colorado Springs check fraud lawyer to minimize the penalties and get your life back. Contact us now for a free consultation with our legal team.

Check Fraud Charges in Colorado Springs

Checks continue to be a preferred payment method for many types of transactions. But where money flows, fraud often follows.

In simplest terms, check fraud involves deceiving someone through the use of bad checks. Depending on the circumstances, prosecutors may hit you with charges like forgery, identity theft, or straight-up theft.

Some common scenarios include:

  • Purposely writing a bad check from an account you know has insufficient funds.
  • Forging someone else’s signature on a stolen check and trying to cash it.
  • Opening a bank account under a fake name and writing fraudulent checks.

These acts violate Colorado’s check fraud laws. Prosecutors typically charge them as either class 6 felonies or class 2 misdemeanors.

A single incident can sometimes lead to multiple charges. For instance, forging a signature on a stolen check in someone else’s name could potentially lead to a combination of forgery, identity theft, and criminal impersonation charges.

Sentencing and Penalties for Check Fraud

In Colorado, each check fraud conviction can carry fines plus jail or prison time. Even first offenses are charged as felonies. The ultimate penalties depend on the specific charges and severity.

For a misdemeanor check fraud conviction, you face up to 120 days in county jail and hefty court fines of up to $750. Probation may also be handed down, requiring strict supervision for up to 2 years. Restitution is also mandated, forcing you to repay all debts to victims.

With a felony conviction, you face 12-18 months in state prison per offense. The potential fines shoot up to an astronomical $100,000. This can close doors for future housing, employment, professional licensing, and education opportunities. Your ability to secure loans and credit lines may be damaged for years to come. And if you ever find yourself charged with another crime later on, your prior felony conviction will severely enhance the penalties you face.

That’s why building an aggressive defense to avoid conviction or at least reduce penalties is so important when facing check fraud allegations.

Defending Against Check Fraud Charges

When you’re accused of check fraud, having an experienced defense attorney in your corner makes all the difference. At Right Law Group, our first goal is to meticulously scrutinize the prosecution’s claims and investigation for any weakness we can leverage to get charges dismissed or evidence thrown out.

We also explore creative affirmative defenses that could justify the alleged actions. For check fraud allegations, we dig deep into whether:

  • You lacked criminal intent or were mistaken
  • You were an identity theft victim
  • You acted under duress or coercion

If charges can’t be defeated outright, we tap into decades of experience negotiating with prosecutors. We leverage our strong relationships to put diversion programs or plea bargains on the table – alternatives that let you avoid harsh convictions while keeping penalties like jail time to a minimum.

The bottom line? Skilled legal representation gives you the greatest chance of moving past accusations intact. With Right Law Group fighting for your rights, you don’t have to feel powerless against prosecutors. Lean on our experience so you can look to the future with confidence.

Why Hire a Colorado Springs Check Fraud Attorney?

If you are facing check fraud charges, it is critical to retain an experienced Colorado Springs check fraud lawyer from our firm. Our attorneys:

  • Have extensive knowledge of Colorado’s complex check fraud laws and experience defending these allegations
  • Will thoroughly investigate your case to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence
  • Build a strong defense aimed at getting charges reduced or dismissed
  • Understand the steep penalties like fines and jail time associated with convictions
  • Aggressively protect your rights, freedom, and future
  • Leverage skills in negotiation, litigation, and appeal to secure the most favorable outcome
  • Give you the best chance at beating the charges or minimizing the penalties

Check fraud allegations are serious. Don’t leave your fate to chance – retain one of our seasoned Colorado Springs check fraud attorneys. Our experience can make all the difference in your case.

Don’t Face Colorado Check Fraud Charges Alone — Contact Right Law Group Today

Facing check fraud accusations in Colorado can feel terrifying and isolating. But you don’t have to go through it alone. At Right Law Group, our team of former prosecutors and skilled criminal defense attorneys have spent decades helping clients face charges just like yours.

We’ve fought to get thousands of cases dismissed or charges reduced through relentless investigation and negotiation. With deep experience handling financial crimes, we know how to build an aggressive defense to protect your future.

If you or a loved one are facing allegations involving bad checks, forgery, or identity theft in Colorado Springs or statewide, turn to the proven advocates at Right Law Group. Call our office for a free case evaluation, and let our team go to work fighting for the best possible outcome. With seasoned guidance and a tailored defense strategy, you can move forward with confidence.

Don’t Let One Wrong Decision Impact Your Life, Job or Freedom.

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