When is it Possible to Have an Early Interlock Removal?

When is it Possible to Have an Early Interlock Removal?

If you recently had an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, you may already be counting down the days until you can drive freely once again. While interlock devices have prevented millions of people from driving drunk since 2006, they can present challenges and inconveniences to drivers. Fortunately, there is a simple way to shave months off your interlock device time requirements. The key to shortening the amount of time your device is installed is to know who, what, when, where, and why early removal is beneficial. Below is a look at the 5 Ws of early interlock removal.

WHO is eligible for early interlock removal?

“Early Ignition Interlock removal in Colorado is available for qualifying first-time offenders. Individuals must be at least twenty-one years old at the time of the violation. The conviction giving rise to the initial license revocation must have been for a first-offense DUI or DUI per se requiring only a nine-month license suspension.” – Smart Start LLC

Before diving into the procedures and benefits associated with early interlock removal, it is helpful to know whether you are eligible for early removal. The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles outlines three general conditions that you must meet to satisfy eligibility requirements:

  • You must be a resident of Colorado
  • You must be at least 21 years old at the time of your violation
  • You must fulfill any other relevant requirements

WHAT is the best path to having your interlock device removed early?

While the requirements for early removal seem fairly straightforward, Colorado’s laws regarding interlock removal are fairly strict. Also, not all drivers are eligible. For instance, if your blood alcohol content (BAC) was greater than or equal to 0.150, you will likely not be eligible.

Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer is the single best way to navigate device regulations and improve your chances of early interlock removal. Ideally, it is best to seek the guidance of a DUI attorney as soon as possible after your arrest to maximize your chances of early removal.

WHEN can you have your interlock device removed?

“The short answer is that an eligible first-time offender can earn back an unrestricted license in as few as five months. This means one month of no driving followed by four months of Ignition Interlock.” – Smart Start LLC

Early interlock removal can dramatically reduce the number of months you drive with an ignition interlock. While many drivers face the prospect of driving with an interlock device for 8-24 months, you can have your device removed after only four months of use. The exact amount of time will reflect your individual case and your compliance with interlock device usage guidelines.

WHERE do drivers go to have ignition interlock devices removed?

Ignition interlock devices should always be uninstalled by a trained professional. Attempting to remove a device on your own may lead to damage or may invalidate results. It could also lead to additional criminal charges. The best way to proceed is to contact the company that installed your device. If you have any technical questions regarding device installation or removal, you can also contact one of the four approved interlock device providers in Colorado.

WHY do so many drivers seek early interlock removal in Colorado?

It only takes a few days of driving with an interlock device for some Colorado drivers to begin exploring early interlock removal. In addition to being highly invasive, interlock devices are simply inconvenient. They can also cause delays and can be a source of embarrassment for some drivers. Here are the top reasons why early interlock removal is so popular among Colorado drivers.

1) Restore driving freedom

Drivers with ignition interlock devices rarely talk about their benefits. Instead, they are more apt to notice that the devices limit their freedom and make them late to appointments and events. Through early removal, drivers can finally start their cars without having to measure their BAC.

2) Eliminates servicing hassles

“The Interlock device must be serviced every sixty days. An Interlock-restricted driver who fails to report for device servicing is subject to a license suspension with no driving until that driver comes back into compliance. Any driver whose interlock lease is canceled by the provider or before the driver’s requirement is completed will be suspended until the driver enters into a new lease agreement.” – Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles

When you have an interlock device on your vehicle, you are responsible for ensuring that it is properly serviced every 60 days. This process takes time, especially if a device is not functioning properly or requires replacement.

3) Financial savings

Ignition interlock devices are not free in Colorado. They cost money to install and service, and costs can easily add up for drivers who are already facing other DUI-related offenses. While the State of Colorado does offer financial assistance to qualified drivers, you must file an appeal and consent to income verification.

The Bottom Line of Interlock Removal

Early interlock removal is an excellent way for qualified Colorado residents to shorten the amount of time they have to contend with ignition interlock device hassles. The best way to learn whether you are eligible for early removal is to call an accomplished DUI lawyer. Reach out today – with our skilled attorneys guiding you through the process, you can rediscover the pleasure of driving freely.

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