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We understand the impact this can have on your life; the Right Law Group legal team is prepared to fight for your freedom. As an experienced Jefferson County DUI attorney and criminal defense lawyer, Matt Chaput will provide the aggressive representation you need to get the best possible outcome for your case. Need help? Contact us now.


Good people can have a momentary lapse in judgment and make a mistake — If you’ve been charged with a DUI or any criminal charge, your first phone call should be to an attorney.

Remember your rights. You have the right to remain silent, and you have the right to an attorney. Having an attorney is an equal right given to all American’s by the United States Constitution.

Being charged and convicted of a crime can impact all aspects of your life. It can affect your job, your ability to drive, your ability to travel or leave the state, and ultimately your freedom. A Jefferson County DUI Attorney can help explain the impact that a DUI will have on your life.

We help clients fix their mistakes.

Don’t leave your livelihood and your liberty to chance. Contact an attorney proven to resolve various criminal defense cases, including DUItraffic violations, and drug possession. A Jefferson County DUI lawyer will provide you with a 100% honest assessment of your case — Start building your defense with a FREE consultation.

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The cost for defending your case is typically reflective of your driving record and any past DUI’s. The penalties increase with each subsequent DUI; for example, a fourth DUI will likely be charged as a felony. Of course, each case is different, and there may be factors present that allow the case to be dismissed or reduced at a lesser charge. The range of penalties and charges all have an impact on how much an attorney will charge. The best way to be sure of the costs is to contact us today for a 100% free and honest assessment of your charges.

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Here are some facts you should know about DUI in Colorado:

  • Colorado has two primary DUI offenses. Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while ability impaired (DWAI). The difference in these offenses is the BAC level of the driver.
  • Colorado state law requires that an ignition interlock device be installed in any vehicle that is operated by the offender… Even if it’s your first DUI.
  • Penalties for DUI increase if a person has had multiple DUIs; for second, third, and fourth or more offenses, mandatory jail time will be imposed.
  • A fourth offense will often be charged as a felony.
  • When Charged with a DUI or DWAI in Colorado, you are also facing a loss of your driver’s license through an administrative hearing.
  • Colorado has an express consent statute. Essentially that statute requires a person suspected of Driving under the influence, to submit to either a blood or breath test.
  • Colorado allows for two different types of testing to determine how much alcohol is in your system. The types of tests that can be administered are both Blood and Breath.
  • Prosecutors can use your refusal to take a test against you in court.
  • Officers must follow certain procedures when administering these tests. Failure to do so may affect their reliability and admissibility in court.
  • To get a hearing with the DMV, you must notify them in writing within 7 days of your arrest – Failure to do so will result in the automatic revocation of your license.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Don’t make the mistake of trying to defend yourself or pleading guilty or no contest just because you want to get this behind you. A conviction for ANY charge can have lasting consequences that you should be aware of before making any decisions.