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If you don’t take action within 7 days, your license will be automatically suspended. A qualified Highlands Ranch DUI lawyer will deal with the DMV and the court on your behalf. Our top priority is ensuring you get to keep your license, beat your DUI, and get back to your life.

Charged with a DUI in Colorado?

Everyone makes mistakes, but a DUI can easily come along with severe penalties and strain your life.

When you’re facing DUI charges, it’s crucial to act quickly. Your driver’s license will be suspended automatically within seven days of your arrest. A Highlands Ranch criminal defense lawyer can help you by dealing with the court and the DMV on your behalf.

Our law office aims to ensure you keep your license and mitigate the consequences of your DUI charge so you can get your life back on track.

Consequences of a DUI Charge in Highlands Ranch, CO

Since driving under the influence poses dangerous safety risks to everyone on the road, the penalties of a DUI charge are severe. Penalties also increase for every additional charge you get. But jail time and fines aren’t the only impacts a DUI infraction can have on your life.

DUI Penalties in Colorado

First DUI in Colorado

  • 5 days – 1 year in jail
  • $600 – $1,000 in fines
  • Up to 2 years of probation
  • 48 – 96 hours of public service

Second DUI in Colorado

  • 10 days – 2 years in jail
  • $600 – $1,500 in fines
  • 2 – 4 years of probation
  • 48 – 120 hours of public service

Third or Subsequent DUI in Colorado

  • 60 consecutive days – 2 years in jail
  • $600 – $1,500 in fines
  • 2 – 4 years of probation
  • 48 – 120 hours of public service

Other DUI Consequences That Could Impact Your Life

Aside from the obvious financial burdens of getting a DUI as well as the risk to your freedom, a DUI can impact your life in other ways, especially if you have multiple infractions:

  • Suspended driver’s license for up to 2 years
  • Difficulty finding employment in specific fields
  • Educational penalties, including declined admission, sports restrictions, and expulsion
  • Strain on personal relationships

Beyond these consequences of guilty verdicts, the DUI incident itself will result in significant financial burdens outside the fines you’re ordered to pay.

Financial Burdens of a DUI Charge

There are additional costs associated with being arrested for a DUI of which people aren’t always aware.

Some costs you’ll be on the hook for include:

  • Towing fees after the arrest – up to $200
  • Bond or bail – up to $5,000
  • License reinstatement fees – $95
  • Ignition interlock device costs – estimated $150 per month of use
  • Increased insurance premiums – roughly 70%

When you consider all of the financial costs associated with a DUI charge in Colorado, it’s clear that you need the help of an experienced Highlands Ranch criminal defense attorney to mitigate the burden.

Consequences of a DWAI Charge in Colorado

A Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) charge is considered a lesser charge than a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge. The main difference between DUI and DWAI is the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC).

If your BAC is greater than 0.05% but less than 0.08%, you’ll be charged with a DWAI. You’ll be charged with a DUI if your BAC is above 0.08%.

DWAI Penalties in Colorado

First DWAI in Colorado

  • 2 – 180 days in jail
  • $200 – $500 in fines
  • Up to 2 years of probation
  • 24 – 48 hours of public service

Second DWAI in Colorado

  • 10 days – 1 year in jail
  • $600 – $1,500 in fines
  • 48 – 120 hours of public service
  • 8 points on your license

Third DWAI In Colorado

  • 60 days – 1 year in jail
  • $600 – $1,500 in fines
  • 48 – 120 hours of public service
  • 8 points on your license

Fourth or Subsequent DWAI in Colorado

  • Class 4 felony charge
  • 2 – 6 years in prison with 3-year parole
  • $2,000 – $500,000 in fines

Possible DUI Defenses in Colorado

When facing a DUI charge, you face a complex legal system that’s difficult to navigate. our law firm can help you through the process and build a solid DUI defense strategy to fight against your charge.

Did Reasonable Suspicion Exist for the Traffic Stop?

Police can’t just perform traffic stops on any car they see on the road. They need what’s called “reasonable suspicion” to pull you over.

Some examples of reasonable suspicion include:

  • Driving erratically
  • Driving too fast or too slowly
  • Sudden or frequent braking
  • Straddling the line
  • Stopping for no apparent reason

DUI lawyers are experts at complex criminal defense matters that question the validity of law enforcement suspicions. Even if you were truly intoxicated, your DUI case could be dismissed if it’s found that reasonable suspicion did not exist.

Were Chain of Custody Procedures Followed Properly?

The chain of custody refers to the movement of collected evidence from one party to another.

For example, if you take a blood test, several individuals will handle your sample, and several things can go wrong during the process:

  • The person who drew your blood was not qualified
  • The sample was collected, stored, or transported improperly
  • The person who tested the sample was not qualified

An experienced DUI lawyer could examine the chain of custody in your DUI case and possibly get a dismissal if proper procedure wasn’t followed.

Were Your Rights Violated?

When you’re arrested for a DUI, you still have rights. Law enforcement isn’t always respectful or careful with citizens’ rights during an arrest, and if yours were violated in any way, this might be grounds for a DUI dismissal.

Remember that you have:

  • The right to remain silent. This should be mentioned when your Miranda Rights are read to you.
  • The right to an attorney. You don’t have to speak to the officer without experienced legal representation.
  • The right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Police should not search your vehicle without a warrant or consent, even if you’re pulled over for a DUI.

A DUI attorney in Highlands Ranch with expert knowledge in criminal charges will be able to identify ways procedure wasn’t followed, or your rights were violated during the arrest process.

Let a Highlands Ranch Criminal Defense Attorney Fight Your DUI Charge

When facing a criminal offense in Colorado, your freedom and future are at stake, and fighting a DUI can be a challenging legal road to walk alone. Reach out to an experienced DUI lawyer in Highlands Ranch, CO, at our law offices for legal services to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. We have a proven track record of successfully helping clients with criminal cases. You’ll get an honest assessment of your case after a free consultation.

Don’t Let One Wrong Decision Impact Your Life, Job or Freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a DUI stay on your driving record in Colorado?

Colorado has no lookback or “washout period” regarding DUI charges. This means your DUI will stay on your record for your lifetime, and any subsequent DUIs will be impacted by it.

What happens when you get a DUI for the first time in Colorado?

Your first DUI offense could include jail time, fines, and public service. An ignition interlock device will be required for any DUI offense, typically for eight months to two years following license reinstatement.

Do I have to submit to a breathalyzer in Colorado?

Colorado law requires anyone suspected of drunk driving to submit to a breath or blood test. This is called an “express consent” statute, and the chief deputy district attorney can use your refusal to submit to the DUI test against you in court.

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