What Happens If You Get a DUI in a Different State?

dui in a different state

You’re visiting some friends in Colorado, and you decide to get drinks with them.

After a night of catching up, you’ve only had a few drinks, so you feel sober. You’re driving back to your hotel when a police officer pulls you over.

They suspect you’ve been drinking, so they ask you to take a breathalyzer test. Even though you feel fine, the results show you’re over the legal blood alcohol content level.

This is where things get tricky.

You live out of state, but now you’ve been charged with a DUI in Colorado.

What happens now?

Is your license suspended in Colorado?

Will the charge follow you to your home state?

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Colorado but live out of state, you need a legal advocate on your side. Read this article to learn what to do if you get a DUI in a different state and how Right Law Group can help you.

What Is the Interstate Driver’s License Compact?

When you get a DUI in your home state, there are some severe consequences. So what happens if the DUI occurred out of state?

Most states follow the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC). This agreement says that states can share information regarding traffic violations regarding non-resident drivers.

For example, say you’re visiting Colorado from Utah (both states are a part of the IDLC agreement). If you get a DUI while visiting, Colorado will share this information with Utah.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll receive the consequences of a DUI, such as fines, in your home state of Utah.

However, don’t be fooled. You’ll also still face the penalties of your Colorado DUI arrest. The purpose of the IDLC is to prevent people with DUIs from returning home and avoiding the consequences of their DUIs.

What Happens After I Get Arrested?

You will be arrested if your BAC level is above the legal limit, which is 08% or higher in Colorado. Once you’re arrested, the DMV will revoke your driving privileges.

Some states have reciprocal revocation guidelines. If you have a nine-month revocation period in Colorado, your home state will impose the same penalties.

Along with getting your license suspended, the State of Colorado may decide to file charges against you for your DUI. You will have to appear in court to handle your case.

This means you’ll have to travel back to Colorado for your court appearances. Failure to appear can result in further penalties, such as a bench warrant.

If you are convicted, you will face penalties in Colorado and your home state.

Penalties for a DUI in Colorado

If you’re facing a DUI charge in Colorado but not from here, you may wonder what penalties you’ll receive. In Colorado, driving under the influence is a serious offense with consequences that match.

Here are the penalties for getting a DUI in Colorado.

First DUI Offense in Colorado

  • 5 days–1 year in jail
  • $600–$1,000 in fines
  • Up to 2 years of probation
  • 48–96 hours of public service

Second DUI Offense in Colorado

  • 10 days–2 years in jail
  • $600–$1,500 in fines
  • 2–4 years of probation
  • 48–120 hours of public service

Third or Subsequent DUI Offense in Colorado

  • 60 consecutive days–2 years in jail
  • $600–$1,500 in fines
  • 2–4 years of probation
  • 48–120 hours of public service

Don’t forget that under the IDLC, your home state will likely be contacted about your DUI. So you’ll also face the consequences when you arrive home.

Resolving an Out-of-state DUI

The worst thing you can do in this situation is to ignore your charges. You might think you can handle it when you get home, but you need to address your DUI in the state you received it.

If you ignore your charges, you’ll likely face much more severe penalties than if you resolved your DUI immediately.

Your best option is to contact an experienced DUI attorney in Colorado. A DUI lawyer will handle your charge so you can return home quickly. They will also help you reduce your charges.

While it may seem inconvenient to hire a lawyer that’s out-of-state for you, they understand Colorado law and can represent you in court appearances.

At Right Law Group, we help out-of-state clients resolve the DUIs they got in Colorado. We understand that people make mistakes, so we’re here to help you.

Contact a Colorado DUI Lawyer Today

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your Colorado DUI. Your home state will most likely know about your DUI, so ignoring your charges will only lead to more severe consequences.

Instead, hire an experienced and reliable Colorado DUI lawyer to handle your case.

At Right Law Group, we put our clients first and help them reduce their DUI charges. We will do what it takes to help you receive a favorable case outcome. Our team will provide the legal representation you need to handle your DUI.

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