DUI Community Service: What Are the Requirements in Denver?

dui community service

Learn about the requirements for DUI community service in Denver, and read about local volunteer opportunities so you can complete your service hours.

DUI Community Service in Denver

A standard penalty for getting a drunk driving, driving while ability impaired (DWAI) or underage DUI charge in Denver is community service. Community service is a beneficial punishment because it helps the local community and teaches the offender not to commit a crime again. If you get arrested for drinking and driving, it’s helpful to know about the requirements for community service since you’ll likely have to serve some hours. This ensures that you’re doing your service correctly, so you don’t receive more penalties, such as fines or jail time.

Each city and state has different community service requirements for DUIs, so it’s beneficial to learn the specific conditions for Denver, CO. Have you or a loved one been charged with a DUI near Denver? Call a DUI lawyer at Right Law Group. We’re dedicated to helping clients get their life back on track. We’ll defend you in court and help you reduce your charges.

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What is Community Service?

Community service is a type of penalty you might receive for committing crimes in Denver, CO. Community service is a common punishment for DUI offenses. The purpose of community service is to reprimand you for your actions. Drinking and driving is a dangerous crime that can hurt you and others. You might have other punishments—such as jail time or fines—but community service is a punishment that also benefits those who live in or near Denver by helping to cultivate community betterment.

If you receive court-ordered community service, you will be given a deadline to complete your service hours. To prove that you completed your community service, you have to fill out a log of your hours and submit it to the court.

There may be additional penalties for missing your community service deadline.

There are many options for community service, including:

  • Picking up trash
  • Cleaning public areas
  • Helping out at an animal shelter
  • Assisting at a homeless shelter
  • Working at a government organization
  • Helping with a food shelter or innovative food recovery organization

Sometimes the judge can assign community service that relates to your crime. For example, if you are convicted of a DUI, you might have to speak to local students about why drinking and driving is dangerous and how it can negatively affect one’s life. If you select a project or organization from among local resource providers, make sure the court approves your choice before you start your hours.

DUI Community Service Requirements in Denver

Each state has different community service requirements for DUIs. In Denver, Colorado, your service time depends on your previous convictions. For a first-time offense, you’re required to do 48 to 96 hours of community service. You have to serve 48 to 120 hours of service for your second offense and beyond.

If you’re charged with a DWAI, you must complete 24 to 48 hours for your first offense and 48 to 120 hours for your second offense and any subsequent offenses. Finally, an underage DUI requires 24 hours of community service for a first offense and 48 to 120 hours for the second and subsequent offenses.

DUI Community Service FAQs

What’s the deadline for completing my hours?

Each case has a different deadline for completing your community service hours. Contact your agency and ask them if you don’t know your deadline. Don’t wait too late to start your community service, or you might miss your deadline.

What if I don’t finish my community service hours?

Your sentence may have varying penalties if you don’t complete your community service hours on time. In most cases, failure to finish your hours can result in arrest and jail time. Sometimes you may be given a second chance to complete your hours before being arrested. Still, it would help if you tried to finish your community service before your deadline to avoid further consequences.

Can I pay for my community service instead of doing my hours?

Some states allow you to pay off your community service hours instead of completing them. However, in Colorado, you can’t do this. You must complete each hour of community service as part of your punishment.

Can I complete my community service hours if I’m disabled?

You can do less demanding services if you’re disabled or cannot physically do community service. For example, you can answer the phone or do data entry for an organization.

Denver DUI Lawyer

Community service is a beneficial way to teach people the dangers of drinking and driving. If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Denver, learning about Colorado’s community service requirements is essential to complete your hours correctly. If you need a Denver DUI lawyer, you can rely on the legal team at Right Law Group. We understand how good people can make mistakes and how something like a DUI can negatively affect your life. We’ll offer you support and guidance while aggressively defending you in court.

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