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Colorado Springs Gang Charges Lawyer

Gang Charges Are Serious - So Is Our Defense
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Being accused of gang activity can feel devastating. But there’s still hope. With decades of experience, Right Law Group knows how to strategically dismantle inflated charges. We’ve succeeded for clients who thought it was impossible to fight back.

An assertive legal defense makes a difference. We can contextualize the circumstances and present you as an individual – not the biased image prosecutors portray. Your story deserves to be heard.

When police and DAs overcharge to force plea deals, we push back. Our exhaustive investigations uncover holes in the state’s case so juries see reasonable doubt. We humanize our clients, portraying you as more than just an “alleged gang member.”

With care and understanding, we handle these sensitive cases discreetly as we strive to clear your name. We won’t rest until justice is served and your future is secure. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Colorado Springs gang charges lawyer, contact us today.

Gang Charges and Penalties in Colorado

When facing gang-related charges in Colorado Springs, experienced legal representation can profoundly impact the outcome. These allegations bring severe penalties and complex prosecutorial tactics aimed at proving affiliation.

For the accused, the stakes could not be higher. Prosecutors often lean on inflated allegations of gang membership to stack serious felony charges against defendants.

Here’s a breakdown of gang charges and penalties in Colorado:


Statute Potential Penalties


C.R.S. 18-17-104 (felony)

8-24 years in prison, up to $1 million fine

Intimidating a Witness

C.R.S. 18-8-704 (felony)

2-6years in prison

Aggravated Robbery (1st offense)

C.R.S. 18-4-302 (felony)

4-16 years in prison

Ethnic Intimidation C.R.S. 18-9-121 (misdemeanor)

Up to 364 days in jail

A conviction on gang enhancements can add decades behind bars compared to non-affiliation versions of the same crimes. Even low-level involvement can lead to stiff sentences.

Facing these allegations without experienced legal guidance is extremely high risk. Hiring an assertive advocate who knows how to contest shaky evidence of gang ties and negotiate better pleas is essential.

Strategizing Your Gang Charges Defense

If retained, our first priority will be thoroughly scrutinizing the prosecution’s claims and evidence. We will investigate for any flawed assumptions, misconduct, or openings to rebut. Mastering the nuances is key.

We’ll keep the legal focus on the written charges – not unproven affiliations. Avoiding distraction by inflated gang allegations maintains an emphasis on the law’s boundaries.
Any supposed proof of membership must withstand meticulous cross-examination. We’ll contextualize tattoos, contacts, and photos, introducing reasonable doubt wherever possible.

Plea bargains may be pursued if advantageous given the circumstances. Sometimes, overreaching gang accusations can be neutralized through negotiation. If convicted, viable appeals will be identified and rigorously pursued. Technical defects, rights issues, unreasonable verdicts – any argument to overturn or reduce.

Why Right Law Group Should Handle Your Gang Crimes Case

With decades of experience specifically defending alleged gang members, Right Law Group has the proven track record, connections, and determination to mount an aggressive defense against inflated charges.

We’ve succeeded with dismissals, acquittals, and dramatically reduced sentences in seemingly hopeless cases by relentlessly pursuing every legal strategy. Our attorneys know how to exploit flaws in the prosecution’s exaggerations and questionable evidence.
We believe our extensive background is uniquely suited to advocate for fair resolutions for those facing dubious gang allegations.

We’ll review the allegations, evidence, mitigating factors, and strategic options to start building a customized defense aiming to protect your rights. With so much at stake, having the right lawyer could make all the difference between decades behind bars or the chance to move forward with your life.

Exercise your rights now. Right Law Group can take on the prosecution’s claims and the determination to aggressively fight back against inflated charges. Defending your future is our top priority.

Charged With a Gang-Related Crime? Call Right Law Group Now.

Facing gang accusations can feel hopeless. But you still have rights.

With thousands of past criminal charges resolved, Right Law Group can strategically confront your case. Our team of tenacious former prosecutors and seasoned defense attorneys will relentlessly investigate every angle, refute flawed evidence, and negotiate for justice.

Other firms may urge quick pleas to avoid rocking the boat. We’re not afraid to board that boat and sail turbulent waters if needed to reach the shores of dismissal, acquittal, or mitigated outcomes.

Our 500+ five-star reviews are a testament to this bold advocacy. With decades of combined experience navigating Colorado’s courts, gang task forces, and complex laws, we know what it takes to dismantle overzealous charges. We have the connections across the state to get results. Do not wait another day. Contact Right Law Group now for help.

Don’t Let One Wrong Decision Impact Your Life, Job or Freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a gang under Colorado law?

Colorado uses an expansive definition of a criminal gang. Essentially, any group of individuals with identifiable signs like symbols and nicknames can qualify, regardless of how organized or permanent they are. This low threshold helps prosecutors pursue charges.

Can charges apply without proven membership?

No hard proof is needed. Mere suspicion of affiliation based on circumstantial evidence like contacts and social media activity is enough for prosecutors to seek harsh gang sentencing enhancements. Actual documented membership is not required.

Is just being in a gang illegal?

Simply being in a gang is not a crime per se in Colorado. But prosecutors can introduce any evidence of gang ties to portray a criminal purpose behind other charges like conspiracy. So, membership alone won’t lead to conviction, but it can strengthen the prosecution’s case overall.

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