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Man accused of DUI assault in Colorado

An interaction with a law enforcement officer can be disorienting. Often, as people ponder the implications of an arrest -- even if they are not ultimately charged or convicted -- they can become concerned about the future financial, personal and professional implications of an arrest, potentially causing them to react in a way that is out of character. Unfortunately, a man in Colorado is now facing multiple criminal charges, including DUI, following an interaction with police officers.

Car strikes car stopped in road in Colorado; DUI suspected

No one would deny that police officers have difficult jobs. In fact, one officer claims that those who work the night shift encounter a driver who is driving under the influence of alcohol every shift that they work. Unfortunately, this frequency can lead officers to assume that a person may be DUI regardless of the evidence that supports their assumption. For example, it is unclear what lead officers in Colorado to believe that a driver who struck two police cars that were stopped in the road was under the influence.

DUI suspected in Colorado crash that injured trooper

Most people would likely agree that police officers and other law enforcement officials put their lives on the line every day when they report to work. As a result, when it is believed that an officer was a victim of a crime, it seems that the general public and law enforcement are determined to hold someone accountable, regardless of the evidence. For example, it is unclear what supports the claim that DUI was involved in an accident that injured a Colorado State Patrol trooper.

Police accuse driver of DUI in crash that injured 2

Many drivers in Colorado would likely report having more difficulty seeing at night. When this limited visibility is combined with fatigue and flashing lights, it is easy to see how a driver could easily become disoriented. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers may be quick to assume that an accident under such circumstances is the result of a driver who is DUI rather than a relatively simple oversight.

Colorado traffic accident leads to DUI charge

There are multiple distractions while driving. Something as simple as changing the radio station can be all it takes to distract a driver. Unfortunately, it may be easy to assume that an accident was the result of a driver who is under the influence of alcohol. For example, a man was recently charged with DUI, among other charges, after he was reportedly involved in a traffic accident in Colorado.

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