Domestic violence: Can it go beyond physical abuse?

Facing any type of accusation can leave a person feeling disconcerted. In some cases, an accusation may come on a relatively minor or even playful level, such as being accused of eating the last piece cake. In other instances, however, a person could face a serious legal predicament if accusations of domestic violence are brought against him or her.

When many Colorado residents think of domestic violence, the first scenario that often jumps to mind is one spouse or partner physically abusing another. However, domestic violence does not just involve physical abuse. As a result, if a person is accused of this type of action, it is important that it is fully understood of what he or she is being accused. For instance, a person may claim that a spouse or partner committed emotional abuse by causing the victim to feel worthless.

Economic abuse also has the potential of falling into the category of domestic violence. This form entails a person making a victim financially reliant on him or her. Because the victim has no financial freedom, the person could essentially control the victim's life and make it nearly impossible for him or her to leave the relationship.

It may come as a surprise to many Colorado residents that domestic violence does not just mean physical abuse. Still, if a person faces allegations for this type of behavior, it is important to understand the exact charges in efforts to build a meaningful criminal defense against them. It may prove wise to gain information and assistance from local legal resources to ensure the reliability of that information.

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