Colorado police: Motor vehicle collision was intentional assault

A car collision can happen for a variety of different reasons. A driver could become momentarily distracted or attempt to maneuver around obstacles and lose control, for example. Despite the variety of different accidental causes for a collision, a Colorado State Patrol officer has accused a man of intentional assault after an accident.

The incident happened on a night in late January. Reports claim that the officer was parked on the shoulder of a Colorado road when another motorist informed him that a driver in a pickup truck struck the guardrail just behind the officer. The officer then attempted to reverse to the location of the accident while still on the shoulder.

However, the officer claims that the driver of the pickup truck rear-ended his police cruiser. The driver then allegedly exited his truck and began yelling threats at the officer. The officer then used his Taser on him, and he was taken into custody with no further incident. Both the alleged driver of the pickup, a 52-year-old man, and the officer were treated at the hospital for minor injuries.

Because the officer believes that the man intentionally collided with his police cruiser, the man was taken into custody, suspected of first-degree assault. Despite the allegations, it is unclear what led the officer to believe the incident was intentional or why it is suspected the man did so. Unfortunately, criminal charges such as this can easily leave people in Colorado wondering about the next steps of their lives, facing significant financial and other ramifications as a result of the allegations against them. To help them determine the most appropriate course of action, many turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney for help.  

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