Dedicated Representation In Divorce

You deserve to be happy. Life is too short to be in a bad marriage, even if it has only been a few years. We understand and want to help you start over. We make dissolving a marriage easier with efficient strategy and resolution: It's what we call a simple divorce. We also help manage divorces with distressing domestic violence issues. Having bold yet caring representation for this critical family legal matter is essential.

Protecting Your Best Interests With Skillful Counsel

Experienced divorce attorney Alexis Austin at the Colorado Springs Right Law Group dedicates her time to helping clients get through a difficult time. Her collaborative approach encourages mediation and negotiation, but she is ready for aggressive courtroom defense if necessary to protect your rights. She will work tirelessly toward a quick, positive resolution for a simple divorce. Striving for your most favorable outcome is her top concern.

Right Law Group assists divorce clients in many aspects, including:

  • Divorce resolution
  • Uncontested divorce
  • Alimony/spousal support/maintenance
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Child visitation
  • Child support agreements
  • Division of property and assets

Our diligent lawyer offers personal, one-on-one attention for family legal issues. She understands that you want to move on with your life and will help you get there as quickly and smoothly as possible.

You Have Choices

Getting a divorce does not need to drain your bank account. While most law firms in Colorado offer representation based on an hourly fee, Right Law Group does not. We offer two different options for you to choose from so that you can customize your divorce representation to suit your needs and finances.


Divorces on average cost anywhere from $12,000 to $38,000 or more depending on where you live and your specific circumstances. Traditionally lawyers bill by the hour in divorce cases which is another reason fees start to skyrocket in divorce cases. Every email, phone call, and minute spent handling your case adds onto the final bill. We are changing that pattern.

At Right Law Group, our divorce lawyer operates on a flat fee basis with no hidden costs or fees. We even handle your filing costs. We believe in making the process of getting a divorce as simple and stress free as possible. That includes providing clients with clear legal fees and expectations up front. At your initial consultation your lawyer will review the specifics or your case with you and provide you with a quote for a flat fee package. You will never be charged by the hour or minute with us.


Right Law Group understands that every divorce case is different, and sometimes people decide to go through the legal process without a lawyer. People choose to do this either because they do not want extended litigation in their case, they have a amicable relationship with their soon to be ex-spouse, or sometimes the costs of hiring a lawyer are just too high. We recognize that many people choose to handle things on their own, but they could benefit from having a lawyer help them draft the correct documents and guide them through the process.

To help the "do it yourself" divorce clients, we have partnered with MyVirtual.Lawyer to provide a range of unbundled legal services, including help with filing for divorce on your own, for a fraction of what hiring a full service divorce lawyer would cost. Everything is done virtually so that anyone in Colorado can utilize the services and get divorced without hiring a full time law firm.

For more information on this option, visit our MyVirtual.Lawyer webpage by clicking on the logo below.


Free Consultation To Discuss Your Divorce Options

We will help you transition into a new life. Call our Colorado family law attorney to schedule a free initial appointment at 719-822-2451, or conveniently email us with this quick contact form. We respond promptly to every inquiry.

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