Domestic Violence Issues Need Prompt Action

At the Colorado legal office of Right Law Group, we defend the rights of individuals involved in domestic violence. We have been on both sides of this issue and are extremely knowledgeable about the intensity of this criminal act. Our experience can guide you in proceeding legally with a solid defense of your rights. If you've been involved in any kind of domestic violence, discuss it with us immediately.

Have You Experienced Domestic Violence?

If you are involved in an act of domestic violence, first, please get to a place where you feel safe. Your well-being is our top concern. Then, contact us. You need a compassionate, strong domestic violence attorney to help you feel confident and ensure that your attacker is prosecuted. We are deeply knowledgeable about protecting the rights of domestic violence victims. Our experience assisting the domestic violence group TESSA in Colorado Springs is a source of pride. Aggressive in defense, we can help you proceed with solid legal action from start to finish. You have the right to feel secure and peaceful. We will defend your rights and can work to establish a civil protection order so you can move forward.

Arrested On A Domestic Violence Charge?

If you are accused of domestic violence against a significant other or someone you are close to, you will need skillful legal counsel to help. Alexis Austin is an experienced domestic assault lawyer who has represented many clients throughout Colorado, and she can use her knowledge to help you.

Many types of domestic violence situations can lead to charges, including:

  • Calling or texting an intimate partner repeatedly
  • Taking a significant other's phone
  • Distributing compromising pictures of a partner against his or her wishes
  • Becoming physical, including slapping or shoving a significant other
  • Threatening an individual or someone close to an individual with whom you have had an intimate relationship
  • Stalking a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, or an ex
  • Damaging property of a significant other, even if the property is also yours
  • Threatening to hurt yourself in some cases

Prompt and professional, we will prepare a defense to protect your record and your reputation. We will use a range of resources and investigative skills to secure the best possible outcome for every client. Each situation is unique, but in every case it is vitally important that you get a lawyer on your side immediately. Just a charge of domestic violence can have far-reaching effects in your life.

If You've Been Involved In A Domestic Violence Situation, Take Legal Action Now

We offer a free consultation to review your specific situation and determine next steps. Call our criminal law attorneys directly at 719-822-2451 or reach us online to start action now.

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