Defending The Accused The Right Way

No-Nonsense Strategic Criminal Defense

At Right Law Group in Colorado, our goal is to defend each client with a solid strategy. We go into court prepared, always striving for the best possible results. We know how to litigate difficult cases, and we strive to provide a compassionate environment while aggressively pursuing our clients' defense. Our attorneys attend every client meeting, hearing, pretrial motion, district attorney consultation and trial. Personal evaluation and investigation of your case helps us offer you solid representation to protect your rights.

We represent individuals in Colorado Springs facing a broad range of criminal issues:

Our team of criminal defense lawyers has defended clients against all types of charges and can provide you with the staunch advocacy you need. Right Law Group is committed to diligently defending your legal concerns.

Let Us Review Your Case In A Free Consultation

A criminal charge — no matter what it is — is serious. You want an experienced criminal law attorney who can offer the legal support you need. We are happy to provide an initial legal consultation at our Colorado Springs office for free. Please call 719-822-2451 or fill out our fast email form and we'll respond as quickly as possible so that we can begin helping you with your case.

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